The best city to live in every state

Samuel Stebbins and Grant Suneson, MSN Money

  1. Bridgeport, West Virginia

> Population: 8,364
> 5 yr. population change: +3.9%
> Median home value: $199,000
> Median household income: $80,462

In Bridgeport, 45.3% of adults have graduated from college, nearly the highest share of cities in the state. The high college attainment rate has likely contributed to the town’s relatively high median household income of $80,462 a year. Not only is Bridgeport wealthy, but it is also inexpensive. Goods and services are 15% less expensive than average in the city.

When it comes to culture and entertainment, Bridgeport residents have options. The city is home to a far higher concentration of restaurants, bars, recreation centers, golf courses, and movie theatres than is typical nationwide.