Huge Meadowbrook Mall Demolition Effort Underway to Set Way for New Anchor


Huge Meadowbrook Mall Demolition Effort Under Way Costing $600,000-Plus to Set Way for New Anchor by Jeff Toquinto on November 15, 2022

The process for getting Meadowbrook Mall ready for its “biggest merchant ever” is now taking a physical form.

For anyone who has been on the backside of the mall, or the portion facing Interstate 79, they may have noticed construction fencng up, construction equipment, and a giant hole in the structure that was the former home of Elder-Beerman.

According to Bridgeport Community Development Director Andrea Kerr, two permits were recently filed with the city to do the demolition. One, prior to the actual demolition was for asbestos abatement, and the second is for the actual demolition, which is taking place now. The permits were filed by Cafaro, the owner of the mall.

Kerr said Environmental Protection, which is the name of the company, is responsible for the asbestos abatement for $163,900. The demolition work is being handled by JJO Construction out of Mentor, Ohio. The work includes 11 units within the mall at a cost of $453,007.

"The most noticeable work is at the old Elder-Beerman building," said Kerr. "That will be home to Marshall's."

However, that does not mean Marshall’s is expanding into the entire store. Kerr said she believes the square footage Marshall’s will take over is roughly the same.

As for the 11 units, Kerr said they are scattered from one end to the other. Most of the units beyond the Elder-Beerman area involve the Sears building and properties around such as the soon-to-be-leaving JoANN Fabric.

“I’ve had a meeting with Cafaro recently and they provided us their plans for demolition and the new layout of what the footprint mall will look like going forward,” said Kerr. “While there were some changes and some stores have closed, other stores have decided to keep open and relocate to different portions of the mall and that speaks volumes for the future of the mall.”

Kerr said a permit for construction has not been filed for what is rumored to be Boscov’s but has not been confirmed by Cafaro. Cafaro said a formal announcement will likely come in early 2023.

“The new tenant we’re projecting will not only be a multi-million-dollar construction project, but it will be producing a strong stream of revenue in the form of dollars through B&O taxes,” said Kerr. “I can assure you that this project is definitely happening, and we’re hoping to see plans soon.”

Kerr said she said the business, which she did not disclose due to no official permit being filed for the business, could be open in the later portions of 2023.

Editor's Note: Photos show demolition taking place in the former Elder-Beerman building Monday.

The Largest Mall in West Virginia


Posted in West Virginia AttractionsShopping November 10, 2022 by Cristy

Spanning 1,570,160 Square Feet, The Largest Mall In West Virginia Is Hiding Just Outside Huntington

“Let’s go to the mall.” How often have you proposed this option as a way to fill a portion of the day with friends or family? How often have you followed through, heading to the mall to browse clothing racks or catch good sales or just for some walking exercise on a cold or rainy day? Malls are staples of the modern experience, and the largest mall, in West Virginia at least, is Huntington Mall in Barboursville, which encloses a massive 1,570,160 square feet of retail space and boasts more than 150 stores and services.

First opened in 1981, Huntington Mall isn’t the newest mall in West Virginia, but it certainly is our largest!

mall has been a community staple to the greater Huntington, West Virginia area.

Huntington Mall / Facebook

With 11 anchor tenants and more than 150 shops and services (including a massive food court, an indoor play place for children, and an in-mall movie theater!), Huntington Mall has a little something for everyone.

Google Maps

Anchor stores include Field & Stream, Dick’s Sporting Goods, JCPenney, T.J.Maxx, HomeGoods, Macy’s, and Old Navy. There’s a Talbots, a Hallmark, a Bath & Body Works, and so much more.

Huntington Mall

In addition to all their shops, restaurants, and services, Huntington Mall offers all kinds of special events and programs for kids and adults.

Huntington Mall / Facebook

Plus, the hundreds of millions of dollars in retail trade that happens here significantly contributes to the tax revenue of the Barboursville community.

Huntington Mall / Facebook

And then there’s the fact that other stores have seen fit to build around this thriving nucleus: West Virginia’s first Best Buy. A Chick-Fil-A. Hotels. Gas stations. Walmart.

To learn more about all the shops and services available at Huntington Mall, head to this massive mall’s website. Have you ever strolled through the long corridors of the largest mall in West Virginia, perusing all the many shopping and entertainment options? Which store here do you come back to again and again? Oh, and while you’re in Barboursville, don’t miss the chance to pop in to this one-of-a-kind retro arcade!

Address: 500 Mall Rd, Barboursville, WV 25504, USA


“Largest Merchant Ever” Scheduled to Open in Bridgeport in 2023


Meadowbrook Mall States its “Largest Merchant Ever” Scheduled to Open Doors in Bridgeport in 2023

By Jeff Toquinto on October 26, 2022

Meadowbrook Mall is about to have a major addition. In fact, today, officials with Cafaro, the mall’s parent company confirmed as much in a press release sent out.

What the press release did not say was what the addition was. What it did say was it will be “the largest merchant to ever open at Meadowbrook Mall.”

Joe Bell, the director of corporate communications for Cafaro, could not comment on what would come, which is generally not unusual until leases are formally signed or the business in question wants an announcement to be made. The press release said a lease has not yet been formally signed.

Cafaro stated in their press release that the process for establishing a new lease agreement with any large business often takes months or years. They added that with this business the process is nearly complete.

However, it appears likely the business in question is Boscov’s. Several mall merchants have confirmed to Connect-Bridgeport, as well as on social media, they have been told issues involving their move or lease situation have been based on Boscov’s arrival. Again, Bell would not confirm if that is the case.

Boscov’s Inc. is a family-owned department store with roughly 50 locations in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Twenty-six of these stores are located in Pennsylvania. This would be the first store in West Virginia if that is who Cafaro is working with.

What Bell could confirm, as well as the press release, is that the business is tentatively scheduled to be in place in Bridgeport in 2023. To make way for it, multiple stores have moved and one of the mall’s most popular stores will move.

Marshalls will be moving into what is being described as a “modern, updated store space in the “Target Concourse,” according to the press release.

Anthony Cafaro, Jr., Co-President of the mall’s parent company commented about the arrival.

“This will be the biggest offering for consumers to ever arrive at Meadowbrook Mall,” he said.

The relocation of Marshalls is not the first. Several others, such as Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming, have already moved. JOANN Fabrics recently announced their closure. However, their lease was not terminated, according to Bell.

“We had a new space for them and were going to relocate them, but it was their decision to leave. The company made the decision to leave the marketplace,” said Bell. “It’s unfortunate that they decided to leave, but it was a corporate decision.”

Boscov’s has many of its stores with a two-story format. Bell would not say whether the entity in question would be one or two stories. He did confirm they would use existing space on the Cinemark end of the mall.

“They will be doing some demolition, but it will likely just be exterior demolition,” said Bell of the officially unnamed business. “We’re looking forward to making the announcement as to who it is soon. There is a lot of buzz.”