Specialty Leasing

Getting Started
Contact the Corporate Specialty Leasing Department or visit the local mall office. Present your concept to determine the appropriate way to operate, merchandise and market your new or existing business.

Managing Your Business
Retailers must operate during mall hours giving you the opportunity to increase your sales while providing convenience to your shopper. One call and you can be on your way to a profitable new business so contact us today!

You Will Need

  • A mutually executed lease or license agreement.
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance.
  • Security Deposit.
  • Plentiful inventory to maximize sales and ensure a quality presentation.
  • Professionally printed signage.

Provides entrepreneur an entry-level, low risk, economical opportunity. Full advantage of mall exposure without long-term commitment. Landlord provides use of mall-owned Retail Merchandising Units; RMU’s, kiosks and in-line storerooms based on availability. Flexible leasing terms and conditions, allows retailers to test market new, innovative and unique products. Merchandise seasonally, during an event, or on a year-round basis. Highly visible locations attract impulse purchases.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Business

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