New interactive challenge for families opens Friday at the Millcreek Mall


by: Fontaine Glenn

Posted: Mar 5, 2021 / 08:56 AM EST Updated: Mar 5, 2021 / 08:56 AM EST

There is a new interactive challenge opening today at the Millcreek Mall.

Our newest reporter Fontaine Glenn got a sneak peak into 5 Wits.

You have to use your wits to get through these interactive adventures. There are lots of lights, decorations and creativity that went into each challenge.

There are three interactive challenges you can participate in — Drago’s Castle, The Tomb and Espionage. Each one has their own story line. For example, in Espionage you are a spy and have to crawl through lasers in one of the rooms.

This location in Erie marks the seventh 5 Wits location in the nation.