Meadowbrook Mall | When the center really IS the center of the community

From its commanding location on a hilltop overlooking Interstate 79, there’s no question that Meadowbrook Mall is a “go to” destination for consumers.  It draws not just highway travelers who happen to be passing through but also regular visitors from all over north-central West Virginia.  Statistical analysis indicates its trade area extends to more than 50 miles away. 

            The need to shop explains only part of the appeal of Meadowbrook Mall.  It is one of those centers that seems to have truly been embraced by the community as a place to gather.  A steady stream of community events flows through the mall concourses.   Bridal shows, wrestling tournaments, career seminars, vaccination clinics, youth scouting events and after-hours law enforcement training drills seem to cover the calendar at Meadowbrook. 

            This sense of “community” seems to bode well for the retailers who make Meadowbrook their home.  They are able to benefit from the fact that the mall sits in what has been dubbed West Virginia’s “High Technology Corridor”.  Local wages in the Bridgeport/Clarksburg are among the fastest growing in the state.  Just a couple miles up the road, one encounters offices for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Energy Technology Laboratory, NASA’s Independent Verification Facility and the National Environmental Security Center.  On property literally next door to that of the mall, the FBI employs nearly 6,000 people at its Criminal Justice Information Center.

            It is for that reason that extensive discussions are underway with entities interested in becoming part of the Meadowbrook tenant lineup.  While some might be considered non-traditional for a mall setting, there are also indications that significant retail players may be interested.  It is expected that a major announcement is forthcoming before the end of 2022.