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Sandusky Mall revises redevelopment plans

Posted by Joe Bell on May 23, 2019
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Sandusky Mall revises tentative redevelopment plans

By Michael Harrington • May 23, 2019 at 10:00 AM

PERKINS TWP. — The owner of the Sandusky Mall continues to refine redevelopment plans as it considers tenants other than traditional retailers.

Tentative redevelopment plans first showed up on the website of mall owner, Cafaro Co., late last year, but the plans have since been updated.

“The renderings you see on the website are largely conceptual and subject to change,” Cafaro spokesman Joe Bell said.

The plans still show TJ Maxx moving to the front of the mall to occupy some of the space left vacant by Macy’s. Residential buildings behind the mall also survived the first draft.

The revised plans, however, appear to show more spaces available from the exterior and number of them are listed with potential tenant types other than retailers, including offices and entertainment.

“We are looking at redevelopment concepts that move the mall to more of a mixed-use property, which is an industry term meaning it has more than just retail. It could have entertainment, offices, residences or hotels,” Bell said.

Cafaro is in contact with potential tenants, but it’s too early to comment on what retailers or companies this may be, Bell said.

Hobby Lobby, a craft store, is listed on the plans as a proposed tenant in a portion of the space formerly occupied by Sears. But Cafaro Co. doesn’t comment or confirm negotiates it may be having with potential tenants.

Bell stressed all renderings and plans on the company’s website are tentative designs subject to change depending on a number of factors.

“The designs on the website are largely conceptual and are put together to give potential tenants an idea of how this could develop,” Bell said. “A lot of times the needs of the tenants will change the design.”

It’s too early to say when more official plans for the mall might be announced, but Bell said Cafaro Co. remains committed to the growth of the property.

“People can rest assured that we are hoping to redevelop that property in a manner that will be very useful to the community,” Bell said.


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