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Road opens to provide new access to Kentucky Oaks Mall

Posted by Joe Bell on November 4, 2016
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Olivet Church Road Project to reduce holiday traffic on Hinkleville Road
November 4, 2016

A ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday marked the completion of a project that’s supposed to make it easier for you to get around Paducah’s mall area.
The project involved the widening of Olivet Church Road to three lanes, with improved drainage, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks in addition to the construction of a new stretch of five-lane roadway that links the Kentucky Oaks Mall area at U.S. 60 to an existing section of Olivet Church Road.
Kentucky Oaks Mall looks quiet on weekday afternoons, but that won’t be the case a few weeks from now when the holiday rush begins.
“A lot of times it takes a long time at stop lights. People get frustrated, then they get road rage,” said shopper Jennifer Carder.
Carder had bonding time with her niece at the mall Thursday morning, but she usually avoids that area this time of year
“I try to get here really early or really late, because during the day it’s kind of pointless. It’s impossible to get around,”
Kentucky Oaks Mall spokeswoman Candice Freeland says she couldn’t be happier for construction to be done.
“When people have more than one entrance and exit, it’s just going to make things so much easier and safer for everybody,” Freeland said.
Transportation cabinet numbers from 2015 show more than 24,000 cars travel this portion of Hinkleville Road each day right in front of the Kentucky Oaks mall. With the Olivet Church Road project complete, the hope is to get that number down.
“When we get busier November and December, it will be busier and more important for people to watch out for each other,” Freeland said.
Freeland says the new route could mean more people coming to the area– so she asks everyone to follow the speed limit to ensure a happy and safe holiday.
The project took 14 years to complete. Construction started in June of last year. Work had to pause for the holiday season last year.
The project cost $10 million from beginning to end. $8.2 million of that came from the state. The city put more than $1 million into it.

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