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Good Samaritan Hospital to expand

Posted by Joe Bell on August 16, 2016
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Good Samaritan Hospital to expand rehabilitation unit

The expansion of Good Samaritan Hospital includes renovation of the hospital building. Joshua Bessex

An expansion plan is in place for Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup to receive 23 new beds for its Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit, MultiCare Health System announced last week.
The expansion, approved by the Washington State Department of Health, will bring the number of beds to 48, and includes renovation of the hospital building. More nurses will also need to be hired to work in the unit.
“Good Samaritan is getting bigger and better,” said Glenn Kasman, president and market leader of MultiCare Health System’s East Pierce Region.
The expansion will not only provide more clinical services, but will create more jobs and support the local economy, Kasman said.
The Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Good Samaritan helps individuals suffering from severe injuries or illnesses, ranging from traumatic brain and spinal injuries to progressive neurogenic disorders, through intensive therapy. This can include stroke, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.
Founded in 1954, the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit was designated the only Level 1 facility in Pierce County, which means that it can take patients with very complex needs.
The expansion plan will help “meet the needs of patients who need that level of care,” said Lynn Siedenstrang, administrator of Post-Acute Care.
Over the years, MultiCare Health System has noticed an increase in requests for more care at this level, coming from both the community and current patients.
Seidenstrang and Kasman worked together to create the Certificate of Need for the new beds.
The process was a long one. After sending a letter of intent to the Department of Health, an application was completed, which was several hundred pages long. After the application, an extensive review process started, lasting months.
“We first submitted last fall,” said Siedenstrang.
MultiCare Health System currently has another Certificate of Need pending with the state Department of Health to add 66 acute care beds to Good Samaritan. Acute care is immediate medical care for serious injuries or illnesses that are treated at the hospital.
Officials expect to hear back about the proposal by the end of August.
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